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Ancient Shores is the 4th location players can unlock. It requires level 30 to unlock and once unlocked, players can travel there by boat or by Popperson's Hot Air Balloon.

There are 3 places you cna catch diffrent type of fish: Fish on the outskirt of the Island, inside of the river and in the SFA(special fishing area).

Like every other island(except Monster's Borough) Ancient Shores has a quest that makes you unlock a SFA. When you first do the quest you need to do a longer quest. When you start with the longer quest you need to go talk to golitha and give her 20 rare fish. When you give her those 20 fish you will get a "Golitha's Dumbbell". After that you need to hold the dumbbell and go find 3 presure plates. When you activate all of them you will open a temple. When you go inside the temple you will see an open door (It is glowing the same way when you entered the temple). Go inside of it than you will have one of the 2 following puzzels: Presure plates or Mirror obby(this will be random). To complete the presure plate puzzle you need to make all the presureplates glow green, you do this by stepping on the presure plates in a spesific order(this is always random). Also when you step on the wrong presure plate it will turn red and you will need to start over again but the order will stay the same. For the mirror obby puzzle you will see 3 doors, only one of them will be open(the one that is open is always be random). if you step inside of the door you will see a beam ,allot of diffrent mirrors and a crystal. You need to rotate the mirrors so the beam will reflect to the crystal, the mirrors are spreaded around an obby. But you need to be fast enought because you need to complete it in time or you need to do it all again. When you done with one of the puzzles you will be able to activate a crystal, when you do this you will open the SFA and can fish there for 1 hour. After that hour you will get kicked out and need to wait abit until you can do the quest again. But after you did the quest once you will get a shorter version, for the shorter version you only have to do 1 of the 2 puzzles.

Under here is a list of all the fish you can catch at ancient shores:

Fish on the outskirts of Ancient Shores

Fish Rarity Image
Flathead Grey Mullet Common
Milletseed Butterflyfish Uncommon
Milletseed Butterflyfishh.png
African Lungfish Rare
Red Grouper Epic
Largemouth Yellowfish Epic
Cobia Legendary

Fish in the river

Fish Rarity Image
Yellow River Carp Uncommon
Rose Fish Uncommon
Rose Fish.png
Piranha Legendary
Tigerfish Mythic

Fish in the SFA(Get the fish by doing the quest for ancient shores)

Fish Rarity Image
Acanthodii Uncommon
Astraspis Rare
Dunkleosteus Epic
Mosasaurus Mythic
2022-04-04 (11).png