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The main island on the map is Port Jackson. This is where you can buy things. Fort Knight is is the only other island that doesn't require you to level up to go there as those two islands were the first in the game. You can get to different islands on the map by boat or the Popperson who teleports you.

- When you get to level 5, you unlock Watchers Bay. There are no quests there, but there are 3 npcs there. You can catch the mythic SeaBear at the waterfalls that are located at X: 184 Y: 21.

A Player holding a Huge SeaBear in front of the water fall where you catch the SeaBear.

An Aquarium Filled with 5 Magma Sword Fishes

When you get to level 10, you unlock Eruption Island. There are [ ] quests there, And there are [ ] Npcs there. At eruption island there is an obby inside the volcano which allows you to access the lava rod. The lava rod allows you to fish in lava on the island which contains the legendary magma swordfish. There are no mythics on this island.

When you get to level 25, you unlock the Shadow Isles. The main quest NPC there is Gilbert. He wants you to catch fish of different rarities to study. You give him 20 common fish, 15 uncommon fish, 10 rare fish, 5 epic fish, and finally one legendary fish. After that you get a key go to the other tower of the island and find the key lock. When you use the key you get dynamite and try to run to the cave as fast as you can and blow up the rocks. *Note: If you jump or fall the dynamite will explode, but you can still go back and get it until you finish the quest* After that you may proceed to do other quests in the island.

When you get to level 40, you unlock Ancient Shores. You talk to Ramsea who guides you to Goliath. Goliath asks you to bring him 20 rare fish to use as bait for sharks. When you complete the quest he gives you a dumbbell which you can use to press the pressure plates (originally if you tried to walk over them you would see a message saying that you were too light). After you press all three pressure plates a mysterious door opens. Once you enter there are three white orbs with three rooms to unlock each orb. You must solve the puzzles in each room and touch the crystal to make these orbs their respective colors. The first room contains a puzzle where you must click on the pieces to make the shape of a head (there is a glitch on mobile devices where the puzzle doesn't work, but you already can unlock the orb). The second puzzle is a short obby with the crystal at the end of the obby. The third puzzle has 8 squares on the ground with a specific, randomized order you must step on them in. If you step on the wrong square, it will turn red and your progress will reset so you must do the rest of the puzzle again.

When you get to level 65, you unlock Pharaoh's Dunes. First you do the main quest where you have to talk to Astro then come back and talk to Carbon, then you have to go to the locations where the stars are located, one is in the small village in Eruption Island, one located on the spiky rocks on Monster's Borough, one located in Ancient Shores, and the last one is located in Pharaoh's Dunes *Note: The stars disappear if you take too long* . Then after that you enter the pyramid's door. After you go in you stumble upon 3 doors, you have to complete each door. Then you have complete a light puzzle and a maze puzzle *Note: The maze is generated differently depending on the person* . After the maze you do the light puzzle, and when you complete it you should see a chest in the middle and it gives you a star rod, which only works if you fish in the oasis at night. There are several quests in Pharaoh's Dunes.