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Mutations or Glows are special variants of every fish in the game, and they have different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. Mutations or Glows glow a specific color depending on the rarity. For example, a legendary glow swordfish will glow orange. A common glow trout will glow completely red.

You can achieve Mutations or Glows by sheer luck. However, pets and fishing rods generally give buffs to increase mutation chances. Some pets give 5% mutation chance, for example, and you can upgrade your fishing rod at the Supply Shop to increase mutation chances.

A Common Glow. This example is a pike. Notice the entire body has turned neon red, except for the belly and eyes, which are grey and black respectively.

Common- A red glow.

Uncommon- A blue glow.

Rare- A green glow.

Epic- A pink glow.

An Uncommon Glow. This example is a copperband butterflyfish. Notice the stripes have changed to neon blue, while everything else remains the same.

Legendary- An orange glow.

A Rare Glow. The example is a smallmouth yellowfish. It glows a lime green.

Mythic- A rainbow glow. Changes colors, sorting through the rainbow.

An Epic Glow. This example is a swordfish. Notice the entire body except for the belly is turned neon pink.

Albino- Pure white, even the eyes. It is hard to tell apart seperate body parts except for the outline.

A Legendary Glow. This is not to be mistaken with a regular copperband butterflyfish. The stripings are more orange than yellow here, and if held, it is very obvious it is a glow.

An Albino Mutation. This example is a morish idle. Notice how the features are almost indistinguishable from the rest of the body, since the entire fish is purely white.

A Mythic Glow. This example is a red tang. It is currently in the pink phase, but if viewed in real-time, it would be switching colors, from red to yellow to green.. etc.