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  • Orcas are able to spawn in groups of 1-7, but normally spawn in groups of 3-5. An Orca pod consists of of 4-7 orcas.
  • Neon orcas will spawn in groups of 3-5.
  • Orcas have 700 health each and deal 150 damage per blow to boats and 75 damage per blow to players.
  • Orcas spawn randomly, so just wait if you want to go orca farming or use an item that will lead you to Sharks and Orcas.
  • Neon orcas have 1,800 health each, deal 220 damage per attack to boats and instantly kill players, dealing 100 damage each hit. A relatively fast boat and a strong spear are recommended for hunting Neon orcas
  • Both orcas and neon orcas have a speed value of 50, just higher than sharks.


Neon orcas will drop neon versions of any normal orca drop, but other than that, the drop tables are the same.

Orca body Rarity Price Image
Orca Meat Common 32
Orca Meat.png
Orca Tail Uncommon 212
Orca Tail.png
Orca Fin Rare 496
Orca Fin.png
Dorsal Fin Epic 592
Orca Dorsal Fin.png
Orca Head Legendary 984
Orca Head.png
Whale Key Legendary 1168
Whale Key.png
Baby Killer Whale Egg Mythic 13230
Baby Killer Whale.png

NOTE: You will only receive items if you have dealt damage with a spear at least once. Also note that the orca egg is 0.1%.

  • Orcas have a chance to spawn in the sea floor in watcher's bay. This makes them easy to kill, due to them not being able to move or attack the player.
  • Orcas used to have a bug in which they would fly until they were despawned. This was due to a script error, and was patched.
  • The whale key is used to unlock the cage door on Monster's Borough Island, thus releasing Moby Wood. For this reason, it would be more beneficial to use the key than sell it.